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Daniella Choi


Daniella Choi, MPP'20, is passionate about social determinants of health on a global scale. This interest led her to study public policy and global health at Duke University, where her thesis on the surprising inverse relationship between an influx of international funding for HIV/AIDS and a decrease in family planning efforts earned her the highest distinction at graduation. 

Fluent in Korean, English, and Pulaar, Choi served as a public health volunteer with the Peace Corps in The Gambia, working on community projects in child nutrition and malaria prevention. Following this, she worked at the US Department of Agriculture, where she provided policy guidance and programmatic support to state agencies and local partners to ensure the provision of services to America’s most vulnerable populations.

While at Harris Public Policy, Choi worked as a Non-Profit Project Manager for the University's Community Programs Accelerator where she advised local non-profits on their strategic vision and coordinated partnerships with various university resources for capacity-building. Additionally, she provided research support on affordable housing policy and trends affecting the Woodlawn community for a team at the Harris Policy Lab. She also spent a summer with IDinsight, a global impact advisory organization, working on a project in Lusaka, Zambia that aims to capture and incorporate beneficiaries' preferences and moral views into a philanthropy client's grant-making strategies.

Baidoa, Somalia

Makeshift, temporary shelter made of plastic and clothing at a refugee center in Baidoa, Somalia.