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Sarah Claudy

MPP '19

Sarah Claudy holds an undergraduate degree from the United States Naval Academy. While there, she provided public affairs and communications support to NASA’s Operation IceBridge, a data collection initiative that monitors ice levels in the Arctic region. She traveled to the Arctic Circle, where she studied how public policies regarding climate change, coastal erosion, and other environmental challenges address the needs of Native Alaskan communities. Claudy also spent a summer studying Arabic at Haifa University in Israel, where she gained a valuable firsthand perspective on the complex, multidimensional lives people lead.

At The Pearson Institute, Claudy conducted research under the direction of Professor Austin Wright, studying migration trends from Northern Africa to Italy that sought to estimate the effect of conflict on migratory trends and to provide insight into behavioral risk analysis with regard to migrant populations. During the summer of 2018 she continued this research while taking courses at UChicago's Booth School of Business.

After earning her MPP degree at Harris Public Policy, Claudy traveled to Spain to serve on a Navy destroyer. Next, she will attend the Navy Nuclear Power School, where she will learn to operate the nuclear propulsion system for an aircraft carrier. She aspires to apply her public policy knowledge to impact the areas of energy, resource competition, and environmental policy.

Baidoa, Somalia

Makeshift, temporary shelter made of plastic and clothing at a refugee center in Baidoa, Somalia.