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Defendamos las instituciones

Un hombre está en el suelo suplicando “por favor, ya… ya por favor, no más, por favor. Por favor, por favor”. Dos personas reclaman: “¡Le está diciendo que por favor! ¡No le haga más!” Otros más insultan e insisten, pero los policías continúan disparando un taser contra Jorge Ordóñez, el hombre que suplicaba la noche del martes 8 de septiembre. Mientras un policía aprehende a otra persona, se oye: “Venga, ¿por qué lo agrede? Venga, el sólo está grabando, él no está haciendo nada, ¿qué le pasa?”.

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Considering a Non-Academic Career: Some Musing from a Scholar-Practitioner

Even before the pandemic, I received numerous requests from PhD students, postdocs and at times, junior faculty, for conversations about alternative careers for PhDs. In many respects, from the outside, my career looked ideal — I was able to do meaningful research without the pressure to publish or perish. And admittedly, there were many aspects of my career within a development agency that were a dream come true.

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Ethiopia Insight


For prosperity, Ethiopia needs institutional not individual strength

If reforms are to succeed, Ethiopian society should focus on building autonomous institutions, rather than expect political elites to stop grappling for control of them.

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Western Wall

Harris Public Policy students visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem as part of the 2019 Pearson International Conflict Seminar to Israel and the West Bank.

Ramin Kohanteb / The Pearson Institute