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Brazil’s prison gangs are launching massive terrorism attacks. This explains why

Just one day after his inauguration, Brazil’s right-wing populist President Jair Bolsonaro faced his first public-security crisis. On Jan. 2, prison gangs launched a terrorism campaign throughout Ceara state, paralyzing the capital city, Fortaleza. Although he has deployed federal troops, violence continues: 278 attacks in 55 cities over 26 days (and counting), with bridges and overpasses bombed, electricity knocked out in some neighborhoods, schools and gas stations set on fire, and dozens of buses burned.

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Morning Wave in Busan


US Backs Opposition Leader as Venezuela President

Institute Director James Robinson joins radio station Morning Wave in Busan to discuss the institutional explanations for the emergence of Chavismo, the current Maduro regime, US support for Juan Guaidó, and the necessity for internally-led societal mobilization to bring about a peaceful solution in Venezuela.

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James Robinson on Venezuelan Institutions

Institute Director James Robinson talks with Contrafactual sobre Venezuela about Venezuela's institutions and the factors that gave rise to Chavismo and the country's situation today.

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Sunni Fighters Gather in Formation.

MAKHMOUR, IRAQ - NOVEMBER 19, 2015: Sunni fighters opposing the Islamic State gather in formation along the front line near the IS-controlled village of Haj Ali in the southern Mosul countryside.


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