Understanding Global Conflict

The Pearson Institute is galvanizing scholars and researchers across disciplines to study the origins, dynamics, and implications of global conflict. They are meeting increased demand for evidence-based insights that can help shape public policy. The following articles represent a diverse sample of current and recent research conducted by faculty and faculty affiliates of The Pearson Institute.

Author Sort descending TitleYearRegion
Wolfe, Rebecca J. Can Economic Interventions Reduce Violence? 2018 Southern Asia
Wright, Austin L. Economic Shocks and Rebel Tactics 2016 South America
Wright, Austin L. Terrorism, Ideology and Target Selection 2013 Northern Europe, Western Europe
Wright, Austin L. Border Walls and the Economics of Crime 2017 Middle East
Wright, Austin L. Civilian Abuse and Wartime Informing 2017 Middle East
Wright, Austin L. Televising Justice During War 2018 Middle East

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