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Aishwarya Raje

MPP Candidate

Aishwarya Raje holds a bachelor’s degree in international studies and Spanish from Johns Hopkins University.  It was through her work with resettled refugees at the International Rescue Committee in Baltimore that she developed a passion for examining the intersection of international security and health. Specifically, she is interested in the health security implications of forced migration caused by internal conflict. 

Prior to joining The Pearson Institute, Raje served as a research assistant and program coordinator in the Global Health Policy Center at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC.  Her research at CSIS focused on health systems capacity in fragile settings, such as the regional health security risks of the Venezuelan political and economic crisis and the increase of violent attacks against healthcare workers in Syria and Yemen. Her vast experience allowed her to attend Munich Security Conferences in 2018 and 2019, where she helped organize high-level health security roundtables. Raje also coordinated the CSIS Women’s Health Policy Forum, which aimed to generate continued bipartisan support for women’s health and international family planning as key pillars to US global health policy.  

At Harris Public Policy, Raje hopes to use data analytics to improve the efficacy of global health programs among populations fleeing conflict. She has previously held positions at Meridian International Center, the American Foreign Service Association, and the Argentine Network for International Cooperation.  She speaks Spanish, Marathi, and elementary Russian. At The Pearson Institute, she is a leader of Root of Conflict, a podcast collaboration between The Pearson Institute and UChicago Public Policy Podcasts (UC3P).

Baidoa, Somalia

Makeshift, temporary shelter made of plastic and clothing at a refugee center in Baidoa, Somalia.