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Trump can’t save us from the coronavirus. But governors and mayors can.

President Trump promised Friday to “unleash the full power of the federal government” against the novel coronavirus, officially declaring the outbreak a “national emergency” — “two very big words,” as he put it. But although this announcement drew headlines, the reality is that the president’s legal authorities in a pandemic are limited. Trump will continue to capture an outsize share of media coverage, but the most important actions in the fight against the virus probably won’t come from the president — they will come from governors and mayors.

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La Razón


El pasillo estrecho

En nuestra joven región oscilamos, permanentemente, entre extremos. Alternamos visiones utópicas de un actor —el Estado, el Mercado— o un principio —la justicia social, el lucro empresarial— capaces de proveer a la gente de todos los bienes anhelados y los estatus demandables. La libertad, entendida en su doble condición de no interferencia y capacidades que habilitan el desarrollo personal y colectivo, ha sido jaloneada por esa alternancia de utopías monistas y excluyentes. Luego, ¿cómo conseguirla y preservarla?

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Universal basic income needed against coronavirus’ economic damage!

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Prof. James Robinson of the University of Chicago about subjects including the global response to the coronavirus, why he believes China’s statistics can’t be trusted, whether anything can be learned from China’s response to the pandemic, and the impact of poor public health policies on the ability to respond to the coronavirus outbreak. 

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Western Wall

Harris Public Policy students visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem as part of the 2019 Pearson International Conflict Seminar to Israel and the West Bank.

Ramin Kohanteb / The Pearson Institute