Understanding Global Conflict

The Pearson Institute is galvanizing scholars and researchers across disciplines to study the origins, dynamics, and implications of global conflict. They are meeting increased demand for evidence-based insights that can help shape public policy. The following articles represent a diverse sample of current and recent research conducted by faculty and faculty affiliates of The Pearson Institute.

AuthorTitleYearRegion Sort descending
Dube, Oeindrila Queens2017
Lessing, Benjamin When Business Gets Bloody: State Policy and Drug Violence2012
Wright, Austin L. Wildfires and Human Conflict
Camarena, Kara Ross Human Smuggling under Risk: Evidence from the Mediterranean2018
Fetzer, Thiemo Security Transitions2018
Fetzer, Thiemo Cohesive Institutions and Political Violence2018
Robinson, James Social Structure and Conflict Africa
Lessing, Benjamin Counterproductive Punishment: How Prison Gangs Undermine State Authority2016 Central America, Northern America, South America
Lessing, Benjamin Logics of Violence in Criminal War2015 Central America, South America
Lessing, Benjamin Bribes and Bullets2016 Central America, South America
Bueno de Mesquita, Ethan Factional Conflict and Territorial Rents2016 Global
Menendez, Alicia S. Living in Peace: Accelerated Education in Mali 2016 Global

On the front line.

MAKHMOUR, IRAQ - NOVEMBER 19, 2015: Sunni fighters opposing the Islamic State take positions at the front line near the IS-controlled village of Haj Ali in the southern Mosul countryside.