Gil Stein

The War Ravaged Archaeological Heritage of Afghanistan

Stein discusses the importance of cultural heritage in Afghanistan and the damage to that heritage caused by 35 years of conflict. Describes efforts of documentation, mitigation and capacity building necessary to preserve this heritage. He argues that beyond these current efforts, committed experts must document Afghanistan’s archaeological sites and develop remote sensing-based geothermal databases to document looting; stem the flow of looting through better enforcement inside and outside the country; and train Afghan archaeologists, conservators and preservation specialists to international standards. These efforts can help Afghanistan protect its cultural patriarchy for future generations. Tis overview has attempted to summarize the importance of the cultural heritage of Afghanistan, and the devastating extent of the damage to that heritage caused by 35 years of unceasing conflict. A brief survey of this nature can only highlight selected efforts at documentation, mitigation, and capacity building as three broad areas where committed individuals and groups are working to preserve Afghan heritage.

Near Eastern Archaeology 

The University of Chicago