Past Events

Each year The Pearson Institute hosts a variety of lectures, workshops and seminars. Unless noted otherwise, all events are held on the University of Chicago campus.


Will COVID-19 Change Governments Forever?

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we live our lives. From education, to work, to healthcare and safety, all the familiar systems and processes have been replaced with new, unfamiliar ones. Concepts like remote work and virtual education became a sudden reality. How will governments respond to these new frontiers? Will COVID-19 change the way we govern forever? In this session, best-selling author of “Why Nations Fail”, Prof. James Robinson shares his insights on the impact of COVID-19 on governments, and if these changes will last long beyond this pandemic.

World Government Summit - Virtual



Masters Colombia

ATTN: This event has been postponed.

The Pearson Institute will cosponsor Masters Colombia, an event that seeks to bring together Colombian graduate students abroad and will feature as several speakers who were involved with the peace process between the Colombian government and the FARC.

Originally scheduled date: April 24 and 25, 2020


Lunch and Learn featuring Roberto Brodsky

ATTN: This event has been postponed.

The Pearson Institute's April Lunch and Learn will feature Roberto Brodsky, Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service; former Head of Cultural Affairs Office in the Embassy of Chile; and acclaimed writer, including of the films Machuca and Mi vida con Carlos.

Originally scheduled date: Thursday, April 23, 2020

James Robinson in Ukraine

Institute Director James Robinson presents themes from his internationally bestselling book, Why Nations Fail, at an event in Ukraine.