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Politicamente é mais fácil liberar a polícia para matar

Pearson Faculty Affiliate Ben Lessing analyzes Brazilian President Bolsonaro's new anti-crime bill, which will reduce punishment for police who kill suspects and allow harsher solitary-confinement sentencing. He points out that Brazil's police already kill 14 civilians every day and it has not stopped the growth of prison gangs.

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Harris News


Harris Students Explore Jordan with New Pearson Institute Program

The Pearson Institute International Conflict Seminars (PICS) are new programs where students can focus on critical issues of global conflict through immersive international experiences. By engaging with government officials, NGOs, community leaders and more, students can gain a holistic perspective of global conflicts. 2018 PICS programs included Northern Ireland and Jordan. Read to hear from Adrian Rodriguez MA’19 and Elise Egan MPP’20 about their experiences in Jordan.

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CATO Unbound


The Perks and Perils of Having a State-Run Church

Johnson and Koyama make an ambitious and original claim about the origins of religious toleration. In brief, certain big shocks to western European society made it difficult for states to base their legitimacy and social control on a pact with the church. In response they had to develop capacity and new instruments which freed them to tolerate religious freedom.

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Sunni Fighters Gather in Formation.

MAKHMOUR, IRAQ - NOVEMBER 19, 2015: Sunni fighters opposing the Islamic State gather in formation along the front line near the IS-controlled village of Haj Ali in the southern Mosul countryside.


MAGNUM / Moises Saman