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Sherif Mabrouk

MPP '20

From Cairo, Egypt, Sherif Mabrouk holds a bachelor’s degree in statistics with a minor in computer science from Cairo University. During his undergraduate studies, he spent a year at the University of Chicago, studying econometrics and program evaluation. Following graduation, he also earned a data science specialization from Johns Hopkins University, studying programming and machine learning.

Mabrouk worked at the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research, coordinating the International Development and Research Center’s anti-corruption project. As a researcher, he worked on projects for international organizations such as UN Women, the International Development Research Center, and the National Council for Women. Following this, he worked as an Insights Analyst with Nielsen, working alongside the advanced analytical team, in addition to leading Nielsen's environmental initiatives in Egypt.                   

At Harris Public Policy, Mabrouk has worked as a research assistant for the Behavioral Insights and Parenting Lab and is pursuing the Data Analytics and Policy Analysis Certificates. He has worked as a research assistant for Professor James Robinson and for the World Bank on a gender balanced corporate procurement project, writing and designing the research methodology. During summer 2019 he interned at the University of Chicago Crime Lab, providing technical assistance to the policy team at the Cook County juvenile probation center. He graduated in March 2020 and currently works as a research assistant to Professor Raul Sanchez de la Sierra. 

Baidoa, Somalia

Makeshift, temporary shelter made of plastic and clothing at a refugee center in Baidoa, Somalia.