Powerful Credentials

The Pearson Institute is the global intellectual destination for students motivated to study conflict. The Pearson Institute offers an academic curriculum that introduces students at the University of Chicago to the causes and consequences of and solutions to violent conflict, teaching them the rigorous systematic thinking, methodological foundations, and innovative tools required to explore resolutions to global conflicts.

Our location outside the Beltway and away from the coasts brings objectivity to our discussions. We are a convenient destination for scholars who want to engage in a fundamentally different mode of inquiry and interaction.

Harris Public Policy offers eight different master’s degree programs, eight joint-degree programs, one dual degree and a doctoral program designed for an academic or research-oriented career.

Master of Public Policy

The two-year MPP is a professional degree program composed of a core curriculum and electives in a variety of areas of focus. It is designed for students who wish to gain a thorough training in public policy skills and issues. The core curriculum draws on a variety of disciplines and fields, including economics, sociology, political science, statistics, econometrics, political economy, organizational theory, and program evaluation. These areas provide a foundation in critical analysis, reflecting Harris Public Policy’s belief that mastering quantitative and analytical skills prepares students to be effective public policy practitioners. MPP students are eligible for the Pearson Fellows program.


The doctoral program at Harris Public Policy prepares qualified students interested in research-oriented careers involving the substantive and institutional aspects of public policy. The program emphasizes the acquisition of skills needed to design and conduct policy-relevant research, and allows students to develop individualized and innovative courses of study in which they work closely with faculty members of Harris and the University. PhD students are eligible for the Pearson Scholars program. 

Joint Degrees

Students can earn two University of Chicago graduate degrees in an accelerated time frame. The following eight degrees are currently available:

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business


Divinity School


Law School


School of Social Service Administration


Center for Middle Eastern Studies


Five Year Master in Public Policy with the College


Five Year MS in Computational Analysis and Public Policy with the College


MA in Public Policy and International Relations


The Darker Side of Peace Agreements

Harris Public Policy students attend The Darker Side of Peace Agreements conference held by The Pearson Institute in 2019.