NBC Chicago


Hundreds Protest, March in Chicago Amid Escalating Tensions Between Israel, Palestinians

A large group of protesters gathered Wednesday in downtown Chicago amid escalating tensions between Israel and Palestinians.

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Curious Worldview


'Why Nations Fail' - Institutions are Everything

James Robinson is a British economist and political scientist. He studies what makes countries different by focusing on the underlying economic and political institutions that lead some to prosperity and others to conflict. He most famously co-authored the international best selling book, Why Nations Fail.

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Financial Times


Covid batters India’s aspiring middle classes

When Ram Prakash died after a feverish and breathless week, his wife and 16-year-old daughter’s heartbreak was compounded by fear that the modest middle-class safety net he had knitted together might be ripped apart.

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Western Wall

Harris Public Policy students visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem as part of the 2019 Pearson International Conflict Seminar to Israel and the West Bank.

Ramin Kohanteb / The Pearson Institute