Conversation Six


James Robinson & Daron Acemoglu

The coauthors of Why Nations Fail and The Narrow Corridor converse about their theoretical framework of institutions and the case of the U.S.

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The Washington Post


Stimulus funds really do keep people home, our research finds

With coronavirus rates surging, elected officials in both red and blue states are again considering new restrictions on households and businesses. Some governors and mayors have imposed new shelter-in-place orders as a last-ditch measure to avoid overloading hospitals beyond their capacity. But lockdowns remain controversial. New survey data suggests that just half of Americans would comply with a month-long stay-at-home order; a third would refuse, up from just 15 percent in April.

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As More US Troops Leave Iraq, Pro-Iran Factions Take Their Shot

Eyeing Washington's withdrawal of 500 more troops from Iraq, pro-Iran factions have boldly resumed attacks on the US embassy there despite suspicions outgoing President Donald Trump could strike back.

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Western Wall

Harris Public Policy students visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem as part of the 2019 Pearson International Conflict Seminar to Israel and the West Bank.

Ramin Kohanteb / The Pearson Institute