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Isabella Pestana de Andrade do Nascimento

Pearson Fellow

MPP Candidate

Isabella is a first year MPP student at the Harris School of Public Policy. She is driven by a resolute ambition to shape impactful policies in sustainable development and international relations. Her research interests encompass the political economy of development, innovation, climate policy, and educational policy. Backed by a solid academic foundation, extensive research experience, and sharp analytical skills, Isabella stands poised to drive tangible and meaningful change in global policymaking.

Isabella earned a Bachelor of Science in International Relations at Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV), where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. During her time at FGV, Isabella undertook a dissertation that quantitatively investigated the influence of political factors, specifically mayoral elections, on deforestation patterns in the Brazilian Amazon from 2003 to 2019. Her research project addressed a significant gap in the literature by examining the role of democratic variables in environmental politics in Latin America. Through macro-econometric models, she studied the effects of political competition, economic development, and election presence on deforestation cycles. Her findings, which revealed a notable association between election years and increased deforestation, contributed substantially to the field of global environmental politics.

Isabella's dedication to sustainable development and international cooperation has been further reflected in her professional pursuits. As an intern with the UNODC Corruption and Integrity team, Isabella played an instrumental role in supporting the anti-corruption program aimed at addressing the COVID-19 crisis in Brazil. Her responsibilities included assisting transparent and integral responses to the pandemic through initiatives such as ensuring transparency in public procurement, safeguarding whistleblowers, and enhancing oversight mechanisms. Moreover, Isabella collaborated with the German Fraunhofer Liaison Office to advance their work in innovative research in Brazil.

Currently, Isabella is a research team member at the School of International Relations of the Getulio Vargas Foundation, actively contributing to the "SEJA" research project. This initiative focuses on evaluating the impact of an intervention to enhance academic performance and reduce risk behavior by nurturing socioemotional skills among youth facing varying levels of vulnerability and risk of violence in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. As Isabella begins her MPP journey at the Harris School, her unique combination of passion, analytical acumen, and unwavering dedication to fostering positive change positions her as a dynamic and influential presence within the Pearson Institute's community.

Baidoa, Somalia

Makeshift, temporary shelter made of plastic and clothing at a refugee center in Baidoa, Somalia.