Discriminatory Bias in Media Coverage of Conflict

Discriminatory bias in media coverage of global conflicts has existed to varying degrees, however, was recently brought back into the public discourse following the onset of war in Ukraine. This panel will provide a closer look as to how and why certain decisions are made to cover conflicts: whether decisions are made at the network or journalist level and take into consideration ratings and viewership, whether some conflicts are simply so protracted that the public no longer cares or feels helpless/hopeless, how longstanding issues of racism come into play, and more. 

Panel | Discriminatory Bias in Media Coverage of Conflict

Timour Azhari
Bureau Chief for Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, Reuters

Mark Bauman
President and CEO, Grid

Katherine D. Kinzler
Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology, University of Chicago

Yuri Zhukov
Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan

Moderator: Sasha Ann Simons
Host, Reset, WBEZ Chicago