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James Robinson on The Good Fight Podcast

Yascha Mounk, host of The Good Fight podcast, talks to James Robinson, co-author of Why Nations Fail and The Narrow Corridor, about the importance of political institutions; the roots of freedom and prosperity; and how citizens can beat the historical odds to improve their countries.

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Burden of India’s internal conflicts are on smaller states with limited political clout: Data

Insurgency has been part of India’s politics since the Naga revolt of the 1950s. Yet, many aspects of these conflicts have been shrouded in secrecy or ambiguity. In a recent study published in the academic journal India Review, we used open-source data to explore fatalities and demography in India’s internal security forces. While there are interesting patterns in security force fatalities, perhaps the most illuminating findings come in unpacking the regional composition of India’s key central security forces. Who fights and dies in India’s internal wars? Which states send their people to the security forces and how important are they politically? 

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Just say maybe?

Professors are in an odd industry. Nominally, we are paid to teach students. In actuality, a lot of the material and psychic rewards bestowed upon us are a function of our research. The bulk of that research comes in the form of peer-reviewed articles and books. There are, however, other opportunities available to the ambitious academic. Chris Blattman is an economist-turned-political-scientist-turned-public-policy-professor who blogs on occasion. About five years ago, he blogged his advice about this conundrum to junior academics, and it can be summed up in his title “Just Say No."

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