Indian Express


State and society must seek avenues that could end the longstanding tension between the two

The society and state are in conflict. A youthful, vibrant, ambitious and connected society is pitted against a hesitant, at times paralytic, politically-shackled and precedent-bound state.

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Financial Express


Hope for a new decade: State and society will find a narrow corridor where both can be in balance

The hope for the new decade must be that our 'State' and 'society' will find a narrow corridor where both can be in balance (shackled leviathan). This would reinvigorate our institutions, and accelerate the resolution of outstanding critical issues.

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Boston Review


Getting Counterinsurgency Wrong

Washington Post reporting exposed that U.S. operations in Afghanistan were horribly mismanaged, but even a well-run mission would have been doomed to fail. Though doing so revealed relatively little that those who have been paying attention didn’t already know, the Washington Post’s publication earlier this month of “Lessons Learned” documents produced by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction—the so-called Afghanistan Papers—has led to some stock-taking about the long war in Afghanistan. Whatever lessons have been learned have come at a high price: over one hundred thousand Afghans killed; thousands of American and NATO soldiers, contractors, and civilians’ lives lost; many tens of thousands more injured; and over a trillion dollars in U.S. treasure.

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Western Wall

Harris Public Policy students visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem as part of the 2019 Pearson International Conflict Seminar to Israel and the West Bank.

Ramin Kohanteb / The Pearson Institute