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Rise up: Billy Bragg on books about holding power to account

By breaking the power of the crown to grant economic monopolies, the English were able to establish a political system more responsive to the aspirations of business, which led in turn to the industrial revolution taking off in Britain earlier than in nations that continued to be ruled by absolute monarchs. This process is analysed in Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemoglu and James A Robinson, in which the authors argue that successful countries require accountable institutions that practise transparency and probity.

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Trento Economics Festival


What can we do about populism?

James Robinson presented themes from his research at the 2019 Trento Economics Festival. Watch the video here or listen to the podcast in the link.

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La Repubblica


Globalization and sovereignties: the challenge

The Trento Economics Festival: four days to understand and discuss the clash between world market integration, nationalist claims, populism and elites. James Robinson of the University of Chicago will deliver the inaugural lecture, addressing the topic "Where does populism come from and what can we do to counter it?”

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