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Foreign Policy


What’s Behind India’s Second Coronavirus Wave?

Waning immunity, new virus variants—India’s sharp surge could be caused by any number of alarming factors.

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Latin America Policy Review


COVID-19: The Increasing Gender Gap of Venezuela’s Migrant Population

The humanitarian, political, economic, and social crisis in Venezuela has caused more than 5.2 million citizens to flee the country. This phenomenon is the “greatest exodus of modern history in Latin America, and one of the biggest global crises on displaced populations”. While the first migrants had a more homogenous profile of a highly qualified population in search of better job opportunities, since 2013 migrants represent all of Venezuela’s socioeconomic groups.

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The New York Times


Our Year of Mutual Aid

“Free foooood!” It was a hot morning in late July, and many were gathered outside an elementary school to distribute groceries to the community. The DJ played Beyoncé’s “Before I Let Go” as volunteers and people in line danced, six feet apart. Children of the neighborhood ran by to get snack packs and coloring books, and stayed to help elders carry their groceries. Regulars sat out in their chairs, just as they do every Monday.

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