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Rebecca J. Wolfe

Senior Lecturer and Executive Director of International Policy and Development

Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago

Dr. Rebecca J. Wolfe is a leading expert on political violence, conflict and violent extremism. She is Senior Lecturer and Executive Director of International Policy and Development at the Harris School of Public Policy, and an Associate at The Pearson Institute. Prior to joining the faculty at University of Chicago, she led research and program development related to conflict and fragility at Mercy Corps, an international development and humanitarian agency. Dr. Wolfe is able to draw on her extensive practitioner and academic backgrounds to effectively research important development issues, design interventions that are theoretically grounded and evidence-based, and communicate both to multiple audiences. Over her career, she has developed conflict prevention and violence reduction programs globally, including Kenya’s largest youth development program, gang violence prevention in Guatemala City, countering violent extremism programs in Nigeria and Yemen, and community-based conflict management interventions in Iraq, Syria, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Tajikistan. She has also published research on why young people engage in violence and how development interventions can be designed to reduce this support. She was a Fellow at Yale University’s Political Violence Field Lab and currently is an affiliate at NYU’s Steinhardt School and an affiliate of the International Security and Development Center. Dr. Wolfe has taught at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School for Public and International Affairs and at the Wagner School for Public Service at New York University. She received her PhD in Social Psychology from Harvard University.

Baidoa, Somalia

Makeshift, temporary shelter made of plastic and clothing at a refugee center in Baidoa, Somalia.