Scholars and Fellows

Each year The Pearson Institute awards scholarships to highly accomplished students who have demonstrated leadership, academic aptitude, and dedication to global conflict resolution. The Pearson Fellows program supports students enrolled in the Master of Public Policy program, while The Pearson Scholars program supports PhD students with conflict-focused research agendas.

Laura Montenegro Helfer
Second-Year PhD | Bogotá, Colombia
Devika Lakhote
First-Year PhD | Mumbai, India
Mariana Laverde
Fifth-Year PhD | Bogotá, Colombia
Saeb Ahsan
Pearson Fellow Alumnus | Markham, Illinois
Carolina Bernal
Pearson Fellow Alumna | Medellín, Colombia
Sarah Boyle
Pearson Fellow Alumna | Chicago, Illinois
Hafsah Lak
Pearson Fellow Alumna | Lahore, Pakistan
Adelaida Correa Miranda
Pearson Fellow Alumna | Santiago, Chile
Marissa Block
2nd-Year MPP | Wall, New Jersey
Olivia Carneiro
2nd-Year MPP | São Paulo, Brazil
Sarah Claudy
2nd-Year MPP | Angola, Indiana
Mohammad Majd Itani
2nd-Year MPP | Beirut, Lebanon
Elaine Li
2nd-Year MPP | Atlanta, Georgia
Lauren Lochocki
2nd-Year MPP | Baltimore, Maryland
Aneesa Patwary
2nd-Year MPP | Washington, DC
Gonzalo Pons
2nd-Year MPP | Lima, Peru
Laura Benrey
1st-Year MPP | Bogotá, Colombia
Manuel Bustamante
1st-Year MPP | Bogotá, Colombia
Daniella Choi
1st-Year MPP | San Francisco, California
Laura Keen
1st-Year MPP | Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sherif Mabrouk
1st-Year MPP | Cairo, Egypt
Lauren Manning
1st-Year MPP | Stamford, Connecticut
Ellie Price
1st-Year MPP | Rochester, New York
Trina Reynolds-Tyler
1st-Year MPP | Chicago, Illinois
Evan Trowbridge
1st-Year MPP | Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Hazumu Yano
1st-Year MPP | Jackson Heights, New York